Financial Support

    The current stipend level of a full fellowship is set at NT$34,000/ month (about USD$1,130/ month).

    A full fellowship is typically granted to students in the first year after enrollment.

    For the second and the third academic year, the monthly stipend is determined by a merit-based process based on several factors including (but not limited to) the student’s course grades and the evaluations from the academic/ thesis advisor.

    An Ad Hoc Evaluation Committee will decide the student's stipend level each semester after the first year. The full fellowship will be given only to those students who perform well. For the student whose performance is less satisfactory, the Ad Hoc Evaluation Committee may reduce the student's stipend level.

    After three years, financial support will be provided by the student's thesis advisor. The amount of the support will be determined by the advisor.

    Medical Insurance

    Upon receiving their student ID, students are qualified to join the Taiwan National Health Insurance Program. The students are expected to pay the same premium (about US$210 per year) like all the Taiwan citizens and will be entitled to the same medical coverage.


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