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    Optimization of the production of covalently circularized nanodiscs and their characterization in physiological conditions (by Prof. Tsyr-Yan Yu’s group)
    Langmuir 34, 3525−3532 (2018)
    Advanced Materials 29, 1700213, (2017)

    Zeolitic imidazole frameworks (ZIFs), a subclass of metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) built with tetrahedral metal ions and imidazolates, offer permanent porosity and high thermal and chemical stabilities. While ZIFs possess some attractive physical and chemical properties, it remains important to enhance their functionality for practical application. We here provide an overview of the extensive strategies which have been developed to improve the functionality of ZIFs, including linker modifications, functional hybridization of ZIFs via the encapsulation of guest species (such as metal and metal oxide NPs and biomolecules) into ZIFs. (This work has been published in Advanced Materials. 2017, 29, 1700213.)


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