Please join us !! Apply for NTU-MST now !

    Please join us !! Apply for NTU-MST now !

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    Jointly founded by National Taiwan University and Academia Sinica, the two most prestigious education and research institutions in Taiwan, the newly launched International Graduate Program of Molecular Science and Technology, (NTU-MST) is aimed to build up a world-class education and research environment to prepare the students to assume future leadership in academia and industry.

    A new type of Ph.D.
    The mission and scope of NTU-MST program can be simply represented by the formula of

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    What are unique at NTU-MST ??

    4 Interdisciplinary and Emergent Research Fields
      ♦Energy, Nano, Bio and Sustainable Materials and Technology
    Flexible course requirement
      ♦We have designed flexible course-taking system for these interdisciplinary research fields.
    New format of Doctoral Qualifying Examination (DQE)
      ♦The DQE consists of an Oral Defense with a committee which is organized by the advisor based
      on the student’s course work and research topic.

      ♦No written paper exam for DQE is required.

    What students can get from this unique PhD program ??
    ♦Scholarships and Fellowships for both domestic and oversea students are offered.
    ♦Students at NTU-MST program have access to a wide variety of cutting-edge facilities in both NTU and Academic Sinica.
    ♦Students will receive a Ph.D. degree in Engineering at NTU
    ♦Students at this program are also eligible to join our strong global research alliance with worldwide top-ranking universities and institutions for academic exchanges and research collaborations.

    Please join us !! Apply  for NTU-MST now !
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    Optimizing vaccine allocation to control the COVID-19 pandemic

    • 2022-05-05 PM 03:30
    Prof. Sung Po Chao, Department of Physics, National Kaohsiung Normal University

    • Dr. Poe Lecture Hall

    Multiscale cooperative micro-excitation and structural rearrangement in cold dusty plasma liquids

    • 2022-05-12 PM 03:30
    Prof. Lin I, Department of Physics, National Central University

    •  Dr. Poe Lecture Hall

    MICAtronics: A new platform for flexible devices

    • 2022-05-19 PM 03:30
    Prof. Ying-Hao Chu, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University

    • Dr. Poe Lecture Hall


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